We provide training in the areas of Life Sciences through short, intense practical courses.
Such training targets primarily life scientists, at graduate and postgraduate level, and covers major areas:
Molecular Biology
Wet Lab Techniques
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Statistical Tools

Learn, Grow and Generate!
Courses and Training are let by trainer from different Universities and collaborating institution including COMSATS University, Islamabad and Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad.
Why training is needed?
Innovation in biology specially advancement is sequencing technologies means that it’s now feasible for researcher to generate data rapidly and moderately modestly. The most well-known bottle neck in performing genomics tests has turned into the bioinformatics analysis needed to understand and make sense of data. By Training our goal is to empower other to do their own analysis.
How we can help?
Alpha Genomics have significant experience in workshops and training that emphasis on different aspects of Life Science, Bioinformatics and Statistics. We keep on adapting our courses and training to address those skills and abilities that are at present popular and highly demanded.
Recent workshops have covered topics, like, Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis, Exome and Genome Assembly, Transcriptomic Data Analysis, RNA Seq Data Analysis, Workshop Learn Referencing.  
Who attends our Workshop?
Our mainstream workshops have attracted people from academia and industry too.  We consider individuals at all phases of their profession and our workshops as often as possible a blend of graduate’s students, postdocs and Faculty.
It would be ideal if you see our Workshop page for detailed upcoming workshops.


"We make programming experience easier for Biologist"